Friday, October 20, 2006

My Top rated SEO tools

Ok so you have started doing search engine optimisation for your site, or you might be new to the search engine marketing profession. Where do you start? What tools are good?

Well here are my top rated SEO tools, the ones I use the most and that have proved useful:

SEOmoz Page Strength Tool
This tool is in their own words designed to satisfy the curiosity of webmasters, SEOs and web marketing professions seeking a better metric to quickly asses a site/page's relative importance and visibility on the search engines. It includes information such as Google PageRank, Backward links to domain and url, listings in dmoz etc

SEOchats Keyword Density Tool
Although I'm not entirely sure that keyword density matters as much as people will have you believe. This tool is really good for analysing how many times a keyword is repeated, I use it mostly to see if a page is close to spamming (as in repeating a keyword too many times, which can get you penalized by Google)

SEObook Keyword Suggestion Tool
A pretty good all in one keyword suggestion tool, which gives stats from several sources. You can also specify for which country you are doing keyword research for. Although I think the best way of finding accurate data for how many impressions a keyword gets is to run a PPC campaign for a few months, but if that is not an option this tool does the job pretty well.

WebConfs Search Engine Spider Simulator Tool
This tool shows you what content and links is visible to the search engine spiders/bots and what they index.


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