Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dinner with Rebecca from SEOmoz

Met up with Rebecca Kelley from SEOmoz last wednesday. She is over from Seattle to attend an SEO training course with Ammon Johns at Fresh Egg in Worthing (of all places). So we arranged to meet in London for dinner.

Arranged to meet her and her boyfriend Jason outside Bond Street tube station (seemed like a good idea), little did I know after living in London for 8 years that this particular tube st has 5 exits. Oh crap...45 minutes later I found two freezing Americans outside Macdonalds. Luckily being very nice people they forgave me, and still wanted to go for dinner (nothing to do with the fact that they hadn't eaten for 12 hours...)

We went to a great little Turkish restaurant just off Bond Street, a few beers and some nice food later and allot of chatting about SEO(sorry Jason). The meeting has left me even more impressed with SEOmoz than I originally was (if that's possible). They are seriously nice people that knows their stuff, hey Rebecca should be giving training courses not attending them =)

Rebecca wrote a blog post on her few days in London on SEOmoz, she cracks me up, seriously funny girl! Anytime any of you SEOmozzers are in London give me a call =)


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