Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bits & bobs from Lisaland

Wow, now this has been a super hectic month. I've been utter rubbish at keeping this blog updated, and feel really guilty for some reason. I've only got about 4 regular readers lol..

So what's up in Lisaland?

Base One Search
It's been an exciting but stressful month. I've been working on the new Base One Search site, which should be up sometime in June. It's going to be a fabulous new Search Marketing site with articles, info and a SEO/SEM blog. Really looking forward to see the end result! Will give an update when it's live.

I've been published - Wohoo!
This month I also been published. I wrote a chapter on SEO & SEM in this years B2B Marketing Handbook. The book is published by B2B Marketing Magazine and is given out to all their subscribers. Pretty cool =)

New contributing SEO blog
I've also been working on a new contributing SEO blog, gathering the best female SEOs under one blog. Watch this space for launch date.

SMX Seattle
I'm also very excited about going to SMX Seattle in the beginning of June. Danny Sullivan's first Search Marketing Expo conference. Speakers and agenda looks fantastic, I think this is the conference to attend this year. Hopefully I will make a better impression on Danny this time around (and not just steal his doughnuts..ok that sounds all wrong). Are you attending SMX? If so leave me a comment and we'll meet up in sunny Seattle!

All in all I've been busy, but good busy. Hoping to get back to blogging properly again in June!

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At May 28, 2007 8:00 pm, Blogger Darren Moloney said...

Lisa, you can add me to the 4 regular readers. Looking forward to the updates. Interested to hear how Seattle goes.


At May 29, 2007 7:30 am, Blogger Lisa Ditlefsen said...

Thanks Darren =)Are you coming to LondonSEO "party" tonight? Should be great fun. Will update you on Seattle, planning on blogging from the conference so should hopefully have some "fresh" content for you.


At June 15, 2007 3:20 pm, Blogger Chris said...


I really enjoy reading you blog and when I saw this blog post the other day I thought you might like it.


I couldn't find a contact form, so I thought I would just leave this in the comments here. Anyway, I thought you might think this post was funny, considering you posted about going to SMX in Seattle. Keep up the great posts.


At June 15, 2007 3:32 pm, Blogger Lisa Ditlefsen said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks =) I couldn't get the link to work though?

I mostly post on SEO-Chicks nowadays. Check it out www.seo-chicks.com




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