Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Danny Sullivans - Daily Search Cast

The "search God" that is Danny Sullivan has his own podcast
- The Daily Search Cast. And of course it's awesome!

Highly recommend you visit Danny's podcast daily if you are a professional SEO. (hey if Matt Cutts listens every day Danny must be doing something ritght).

Damn I so wish I had tried to talk to Danny Sullivan at the SEOLondon party, all I could say was "I love doughnuts" when he offered me a doughnut. Hey I'm not even sure he offered me one, I might have just grabbed much for not giving the "dizzy blonde" impression.

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At March 01, 2007 1:11 pm, Blogger Dan said...

It's a great show, which I try to stick on live at 4.30pm GMT every day.

The show on the 27th Feb (with guest co-host Rand Fishkin) was very entertaining.

More entertaining than Strikepoint this week, with Jensense as co-host.


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