Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Speaking at a Chinwag Live Event

I've been invited to be on the panel at the next Chinwag Live event "Search Vs Recommended"

I'm really excited about this event as I've heard so many great things about these events. Instead of having a panel with each person presenting some old powerpoint presentation they have presented a thousand times before, these events is ACTUALLY a proper LIVE panel. Where all the panelist discuss their views (hopefully even a heated debate) and the audience gets to ask questions for more than 5 min at the end. Really looking forward to it.

This Chinwag event is about Search Vs Recommendation site. For example this extract from the Chinwag website "recommendation need search engines so people can find their content. But what about when users become regular visitors to recommendation sites? Could these visitors abandon search altogether, or do people use search and recommendation for different things?" Now just this paragraph has me already wanting to talk, in fact I'm biting my tongue not to start right here and now.

So if you are in London on Tuesday 2nd September at 6pm, please feel free to join us in this debate. It's being held at The Slug & Lettuce in Wardour Street (central London, just off Shaftsbury Avenue). If you book now it's only £25 and you get free drinks and snacks!

Oh and as for the other panelist, on the search side of the panel its myself and Jon Myers (my fiance, Head of Search at MediaVest), we are so going to kick some ass. Recommendation sites would be no where without the search engines...

For more information check out the Chinwag website

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At August 28, 2008 1:00 pm, Blogger slideshow machanic said...

Hey Lisa. Browsing around I found your blog on several sites and also the SEO-Chicks site.

Nice one! Keep it up :o)


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