Monday, January 29, 2007

Where did January go?

Can't believe it's the end of January. This month has just flown by, appologise for being rubbish at blogging. Intentions were there at the start of the year, seriously will get back into it. It's not like I have a writers block, have a million things I want to blog about just not enough hours in the day.

Great news is that I will finally get a
base one search website, not part of the interactive site like currently, but ALL about Search...Very excited. Have started drawing up the wire frames and planning some of the content. Just need to have a battle with the web-designer now to get it all optimum search friendly. Chris I hope you are ready for this =) So watch this space..

Only 2 weeks until
SES London, now this is going to be a cracking line-up. Matt Cutts, Rand Fishkin, Elisabeth Osmeloski, Chris Sherman and oh so many more. Wow this is really going to be the search event of the year, I'm stupidly excited =)

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