Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hear me speak at SES London 2009

Ok probably not worth coming to the conference just to hear me speak, but if you are going to SES London on 17th-19th February why not drop by my sessions? The line up of speakers this year is looking cracking and there will also be plenty of time for networking. LondonSEO is organising it's usual networking party on the last day of the conference this year (Thursday 19th Feb), again with free beers and the chance to network with fellow search marketers.

This year I'm speaking at the following sessions:

Tuesday 17th February at 11 am

Universal & Blended Search Session
This is going to be a great session, I love talking about Universal Search and can't really get my head around people not taking the opportunity to totally dominate the SERPs by optimising ALL it's digital content and not just text. Optimising your images, videos etc can have a big impact and is often easier that optimising content. Although techincally you are optimising the content still as of yet the search engines can't read audio (but they will one day). Anyway, this is a well worth session to attend. I know I'm going to learn a lot from the other speakers and I'm hoping it's going to be a nice juicy discussion afterwards. If you are there, please feel free to chip in. It doesn't need to be a question if you know something we don't know please share. That's what this industry is all about =)

My second session is on Thursday 19th February at 11:45

Social Media Optimisation (I can't bring myself to spell it with a z!)
This is going to be a fun session and usually has loads of great example of success and how to get it right. There is so many ways of doing SMO now, it's not just utilising social media networks such as facebook. In fact I think that's a bit last year now. I have started calling this Online PR instead of SMO as I think the term SMO doesn't describe how BIG this truly is. Using SMO for gaining links is a old line, but still so true. People are getting more creative on how to do this and this will be the session to find out. I think this is the first year in ages that Ciaran Norris is not on this panel, which is a shame as his SMO presentations are always good. Hmm maybe I can steal his presentation, only kidding. But I'm sure he will be in the audience heckling.

All in all this is set to be a great SES conference, I'm looking forward to it. Are you going? If so please don't hesitate to come and say hello, I'm really not as scary as Julie says I am ;)

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