Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Definitions of Social Search

Over the next couple of months I am going to comment on the world of Social Search! I am just about to start a dissertation on the effectiveness of search engine marketing (SEM). I am intrigued to find out whether what I have been hearing is correct. Is social search going to become the new big thing and give search engines a run for their money? Already I have read a number of conflicting views on this subject.

There have already been dramatic developments with company after company jumping on the band wagon with the introduction of social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Myspace (for the little nippers) and Friendster (for teenage ninja turtles..only joking). I have to say I am a member of facebook and despite being a little reluctant to use the site at first; I am now quite a big fan.
Social networks are already pulling in a significant and increasing number of web users.

It is a new subject to me but I plan on becoming an “expert”-so watch this space!

My research into social search so far has been mainly focused upon definitions, other people’s ideas and the latest news. I felt it important to find out all I can on social search before I can cast a critical eye.

So what is Social Search?

Social search is a type of social networking. Before internet and major search sites, such as Google, social networking was our way of collaborating information on services, products or anything for that matter. For example asking a neighbor for advice on a good hairdresser - now we'd just type it into Google! Social networking is extremely old and it was really a matter of time before someone bought it online. Social networking as defined by Google as 'a map of the relationships between individuals, indicating the ways in which they are connected through various social familiarities ranging from casual acquaintance to close familial bonds'.

Written in simple terms, social search tools provide users with way finding services conversant by human judgement.

I have searched meticulously for the different types of social search tools which are around. I decided categorising them was the easiest way. However, there are many different terms, descriptions and groups that have been used to describe the many diverse social search tools. Below are some of the most popular social search tools and i have placed them under headings which i felt were most appropriate.

Social Bookmarking Sites
Social bookmarking sites are sites that allow the user to save a particular page into their favourites, using tags to catalogue and arrange them. These bookmarks are then added to their own compilation and can be shared with other users.

The top 10 Social Bookmarking sites are (

Yahoo MyWeb

Social Networking Sites
Social networking sites offer a virtual community to people with similar interests, hobbies or for those that like to "hang out". Communication between users is brought on through voice, chat, instant messages, videoconference and blogs.

The most popular Social Networking sites:

Social Tagging
Social tagging is a popular way to locate, classify, rank, and share Internet resources through the use of shared lists of user-created Internet bookmarks.It is a way of recommending sites to other web users.

Two examples of social tagging sites are Stumble Upon and Eurekster.

I found loads of different views, even on the definitions, so if anyone has any comments or things to add please feel free. I would love to hear some different opinions.

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Danny Sullivans - Daily Search Cast

The "search God" that is Danny Sullivan has his own podcast
- The Daily Search Cast. And of course it's awesome!

Highly recommend you visit Danny's podcast daily if you are a professional SEO. (hey if Matt Cutts listens every day Danny must be doing something ritght).

Damn I so wish I had tried to talk to Danny Sullivan at the SEOLondon party, all I could say was "I love doughnuts" when he offered me a doughnut. Hey I'm not even sure he offered me one, I might have just grabbed much for not giving the "dizzy blonde" impression.

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Friday, February 23, 2007

SEO blog post of the week - Daniel Tynski

Wow just read a fantastic blog post on SEOmoz by one of the readers, Daniel Tynski. It's a post about Daniels very successful attempt at link building through submitting an article to Reddit & Digg.

Here's the post by Daniel. Anatomy of a super Digg

He has explained in great detail his link building experiment and the results. Well worth a read!

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

SEO Quake - Mozilla Add On

Househunter tipped me about this Mozilla Firefox add-on; SEO Quake. And oh my god, I can't believe I haven't stumbled upon this tool before. It rocks!!

If you are an SEO and you haven't already got it, GET IT NOW!
Update: More fab Firefox extensions and SEO tools on househunters blog

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Search Marketing Gurus Interview

I got an email from the faboulous Liana Evans (from Search Marketing Gurus) last week asking if she could do an interview with me for her series "Women in Internet Marketing". She basically feature two woman every wednesday, and this time she was interviewing Marie Howell from Bruce Clay and me. Obviously I was stoked and said yes =)

Here is the Lisa Ditlefsen - Woman in Internet Marketing Interview

I also had the pleasure of meeting Li Evans in person at SES London, where she did a video interview of me , which is slightly embaressing cause I look like a total fluse and stotter through my answers. But Liana did a great job on the interview and she is such a lovely person. A big thanks to Liana!

Li Evans at SES London

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Fun tag game - You might be an SEO If...

It's the first day of SES London and I'm stuck inside with a bad case of the flu, seriously bad luck. Gutted I missed the first day, but hey I'm going no matter what tomorrow.

Just checked my blog and realised I have been tagged by Kichus in this fun tagging game that Skitzzo started on SEOrefugee. So to cheer myself up here is me trying to be funny.

You might be an SEO if:

• You think Google would be an appropriate name for your first born

• You get weak at the knees by hearing the name “Matt Cutts” or “Rand Fishkin”
• You think Rand Fishkins proposal was the most romantic proposal ever =)
• When someone mentions off-line advertising you feel like hitting them in the head with a hammer
• When your idea of a compliment is: “Nice PageRank” or “I love the way you write a title tag”
• When your idea of the perfect man is someone that works for the government and your ideal engagement present wouldn’t be a ring but a link.
• When someone says hat you immediately think, “uh, white or black?”
• When you really wish you have thought of the slogan “Never Mess With a Woman Who Can Pull Rank”

Now I think I will tag: rmccarley, Sugarrae, Rebecca at SEOmoz, Darren Moloney and kid_disco

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Rand Fishkin and his SUPER Proposal

Oh my god! Came to work this morning, turned on my computer and as usual went to SEOmoz to read the latest happenings in the SEO world. And while I was sleeping Rand Fishkin (CEO of SEOmoz) was busy proposing to his girlfriend Geraldine (aka Mystery guest) online.

Now this is just the most romantic proposal ever, I cried my eyes out. Basically Rand proposed to Geraldine while she was watching her favourite show, Veronica Mars.

Now if you thought the proposal was sweet, check out her response.

The proposal has been put on Digg as well, to digg it go here.

Congratulations Rand and Geraldine! All the best to you love birds =)

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Monday, February 05, 2007

The New SEOmoz website is up!

Wow, they have done it again! Check out the new SEOmoz site, it looks fantastic.

If you are in the SEO industry and don't know who SEOmoz is, shame on you! These guys really knows the business of SEO as well as having the best Search Industry blog out there (in my opinion). Now they have expanded and are offering articles and seminars for their Premium Members at a very reasonable price. Although all use of the SEOmoz website used to be free I really think you will get your moneys worth with this membership.

I love these guys so much I have added a "I heart SEOmoz" icon in the side bar.